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There are more and more of us on the planet and, whether we want to or not, it is inevitable that our footprint will damage the planet. Pollution of the seas is one of the most worrying facts we are facing, a pollution that alters marine life and, consequently, also our own.

Although governments carry out all kinds of environmental policies to tackle this problem, citizens can also contribute to improving the state of the sea. They may seem like small actions, but it all adds up.

In this article we are going to show you some tips so that you can take care of the sea and guarantee a better future for those who are yet to come. As small as the gesture may seem to you, if everyone does their part , we will fix many of the problems that are currently occurring at sea.

Try to avoid plastic as much as possible.

One of the main enemies of the sea is plastic. Plastic is one of the most polluting agents in the seas and more and more tons of it are reaching the sea from all kinds of places.

The impact of plastic in the sea is disastrous. Many animals die trapped in these plastics, even some that do not have a direct relationship with the sea, such as birds. To avoid this problem, the solution is to reduce plastic consumption.

More and more companies, aware of the risks posed by plastic, are eliminating it from their products. We have seen how many plastic bags have been replaced by cardboard boxes or paper bags. Fast food restaurants have stopped using plastic straws to create new ones made of cardboard, and a long list of examples goes on.

In your daily life, try to use as little plastic as possible and, if you do use it, do not hesitate to recycle it so that it can have another life and it will not be necessary to manufacture more plastic.

Take care of the beaches

This may seem like one of the most common sense tips out there, but, incredible as it may seem, a lot of pollution gets into the sea through beaches.

Pollution on the beach, in addition to the large amount of waste left on the sand, also comes from many aerosols and suntan lotions. Using sunscreen is recommended and necessary when visiting the beach, however, many of the sunscreens that are used contaminate the water when you bathe in them.

To prevent this from happening, there are biodegradable sunscreens on the market that do not produce this polluting effect when they are put in the water. Thus, the solution is not to stop using suntan lotion, but to use the right products that are environmentally friendly and do not pollute the sea.

Reduce your energy consumption

Many of the effects that occur due to climate change directly affect marine life. For this reason, any small gesture you can make to reduce energy and CO2 impact on the planet will have a direct impact on the sea.

When buying appliances or electronic devices, take a look at their energy efficiency. The more energy efficient it is, the better it uses electricity and, therefore, the less polluting it is.

Also opt for recycled products and, of course, recycle everything you can. Recycling is the perfect solution to avoid producing new products and, consequently, to end the use of the planet’s resources. If you recycle wood it will not be necessary to cut down so many trees, the same goes for paper or other elements such as plastic.

Repair before buying something new, consume less water, use less electricity… everything you can save, besides saving money, will be good for the planet and the oceans.

Drink more tap water

You have probably heard that bottled water is much healthier than tap water. In Spain we are fortunate to have very good tap water, so we can do without bottled water.

Of course, we recommend that you drink tap water as long as it is good for your health. This is because in some areas it may not be as good or as high quality as others.

However, quality permitting, drinking more tap water means producing fewer containers for water bottles. This would mean a reduction in plastic consumption and, therefore, a fundamental saving of resources for the planet. In addition, you not only end up with the production of more plastic, but you also prevent these containers from ending up on the beaches or in the seas, as mentioned above.

Watch what you buy

When you go to the supermarket to buy all kinds of products, we recommend that you take a closer look at the labels. When buying seafood products, make sure that they have been produced on the basis of marine sustainability.

It is a fact that many species are in danger of extinction due to the bad practices that humans have made of them. From indiscriminate hunting of the species to other factors such as pollution, a large number of them have been put at risk.

Fortunately, there are committed companies that accredit their products with certificates of sustainable practices. These are the companies that should be supported, since the sale of their products will not affect the development of the species at any time and, in addition, they will surely ensure that the species in question can be found in a better state of conservation.

The difference between one type of fishing and another must be crucial when choosing a certain type of fish. With these small decisions you will be doing a lot for the planet.

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